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In itsmany years operating history, Henan Songshan Produce Co.,Ltd.has being trying by various forms and through various channels toenhance the field of international economic exchange, and formedJapan,Korea,Europe, theUnited Statesas its main markets and established sales net all over the world. The companyenjoys advantages in traditional export of agricultural products such aspaulownia timber and wooden products, honey and bee products and otheragricultural products, and has a certain advantage in export of industrialmanufactured products such as light & textile products(shopping bags,etc.),garments,chemical and medical products, suitcases, car accessory arts andcrafts, porcelain and glass wares, mineral products and machinery, electronicproducts, etc. In the business for many years, it has accumulated richexperience in foreign trade, has a highly professional and capable team ofprofessionals in foreign trade.